Quận 13

What does it mean to be Vietnamese?


“As a Vietnamese-American, I experienced the effects of the diaspora outside of the US for the first time while visiting Paris and became fascinated with how different cultures co-exist with one another, particularly my own,” Gray says.

Hieu Gray eating with staff at Foyer Vietnam

Hieu Gray eating with staff at Foyer Vietnam


The 13th arrondissement may be the starting point, but Gray’s journey takes her all over the City of Light. 

 “Since the fall of Vietnam in 1975, there has been a mass migration of Vietnamese to the 13th arrondissment due to its affordability and proximity to other Asian immigrants.  However, I learned that their history goes back even further.  This film is not only a journey of self-discovery, but also about recording a moment in time that might otherwise disappear. I want to capture this for future generations of Vietnamese all over the world.”

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