Quận 13

HIEU GRAY - director/producer

A big inspiration in bringing the documentary to life was the late Anthony Bourdain whom Hieu Gray had the opportunity to work with during her 10-year stint at CNN.  “I produced the award-winning launch campaigns and promotional efforts for his show Parts Unknown.  I remember thinking to myself, I want to tell stories and not just promote them.  In his shows, food was the gateway into which he gained entry into different communities.”  Gray has long been interested in food media even before it was considered in vogue and has written several articles for CNN on the social implications of food.  In addition, she has her own popular food Instagram (@LaPetiteBelle_eats) that chronicles her food travels around the world.

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David woo - Director of photography

After over 5 years of experience as an in-house videographer, editor, & colorist for 2 Tokyo-based production houses, David moved to Los Angeles, California (USA) and established his own company. He is striving to work with ethical brands, organizations, and individuals who want to make a positive change in the world through films and the arts.